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RestaurantNews: New Menu Items

East Coast Wings + Grill welcomes summer with several new menu items. The new offerings include the El Cubano sandwich, the Apple Classic Sundae, and other delicious options. http://www.restaurantnews.com/east-coast-wings-grill-enters-summer-with-new-menu-items/ 

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Restaurant News: New Menu Items

East Coast Wings + Grill is introducing three new gourmet hot dogs that will be on the menu through June 9th. http://nrn.com/food-trends/menu-tracker-new-items-chick-fil-olive-garden-pie-five-more#slide-4-field_images-160321

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CTPost: Brent Weaver

Starting as a sales rep for Anheurser-Busch, Brent Weaver used to just sell beer to East Coast Wings + Grill and dine regularly at the Winston-Salem location. Since agreeing to be the first franchisee of the restaurant, he has since opened up two other locations....

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