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East Coast Wings & Grill opens up in Mooresville, NC. On June 15th Jason Cole, his management and staff held a ribbon cutting event with the Mooresville South Iredell Chamber of Commerce in celebration of his new location. Make sure to check out our Mooresville location at 120 Marketplace Ave. Suite D. Mooresville 28115 in the Morrison Plantation Shopping Center. This location features a full bar with a large selection of crafted beers and patio dining.


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  1. jeff maus says:

    Your Mooresville NC location will never make it if it continues based on our experience tonight. – horrible, flavorless wings and not crispy as ordered. Thai Chili and Mango Habanero had absolutely ZERO flavor and the chips were a soggy pile of grease – we will not be returning. Come on – 65 cents for extra sauce? Ridiculous! Take a lesson from Wild Wing Cafe – they are in a completely different league than East Coast!

  2. East Coast Wings & Grill says:

    I apologize on your experience at our location in Mooresville. Your complaint has been forwarded to our field consultant team and they have already begun taking action to get this issue fixed right away by making personal visits to this location and retraining our wing mixers! We hope that you will visit us again soon and email us how your visit was the next time around – Without your comment, we were unaware of the issue and for that we thank you!

  3. Daisy Jake says:

    Just an FYI, went in yesterday and ordered a vodka on the rocks. The bartender, without asking, poured me a Grey Goose and charged me $9 freaking dollars. When I questioned why he did that, he stated that it was the only non-flavored vodka he had. Wait, it gets better. When I asked if I could have another, he stated that all they had was top shelf. I stated that I should not be penalized for their inability to keep a proper inventory. That I should be charged the “well” price regardless. He stated “nope, that ain’t gonna happen.” I ordered a flavored vodka and was charged another $9. Downtown Charlotte high end restaurants don’t charge $9. Come on, a wing joint in the Mooresville suberbs. $18 for 2 drinks. Enjoy the profit margin on those. I will never be back.

    • East Coast Wings & Grill says:

      Thank you for your feedback. If you could please email me your contact information so I can forward to the owner in Mooresville. We would love to contact you to get more information so in the future this won’t happen again!!

  4. sam says:

    When I went it was really good and the waitress was great at keeping our drinks filled and us overall satisfied. Great atmosphere and loved the wings. Im sure I will be going back very soon and will for sure be telling other people. Great wings!!

  5. Curtis Smith says:

    I had problems signing up for the rewards program in Kannapolis and have send an e-mail about that but I have an observation to make also. Why is the place soooo small ? Everyone I know who has been says the food is good except the “mango habenero” but having to wait 15 or 30 minutes………may not be worth it !

    • East Coast Wings & Grill says:

      Hello Curtis! I’m sorry you had problems signing up for your rewards card. If you are still encountering issues, please email me at Also if you would email me about the Mango Habanero wing flavor. This will help our training team and Corporate Chef if there is a problem with one of our Magnificent 75 flavors!

      Thank you for your feedback and I’ll look for your email!

  6. Patrick says:

    Besides the size of the wings and the extra cost of sauce, my biggest complaint with the East Coast Wings in Mooresville is that there is no baby changing station in either the men’s or women’s restrooms. The inconvience of having to take your child to the car to change a diaper ruins the experience at the restuarant.

  7. Chris says:

    Ok where to start….Was in there for Dinner last night with my family and we will never ever be back in that Sewer smell ever again. That was just the first problem. Our wings were cold and had no flavor to them, and on top of that those wings are not JUMBO like you say. We waited almost 25 mins for your food and place was not even that busy. Than my wife asked for a cold beer mug and once again waited almost 10 mins for that. The chips were so soggy we could not even eat them. OH and one more thing when did a philly hoagie ever start being make with roastbeef… Get rid of that sewer smell, Get a NEW STAFF, Better Prices cause yall are way to over priced… And when you do that just maybe me and my family will be back

    • East Coast Wings & Grill says:

      I apologize for your experience at our Mooresville location. Can you please email me. I’d like to forward your information to the owner. I’d also like to forward your comments about the food to our executive Chef so he can look into any possible problems with the product being put out.

      Thank you for your feedback. Our staff is looking into this right away!

  8. Kristal says:

    I’ve been in 3 or 4 times and we’ve been satisfied every time. The service is good and the food is fantastic! We will definitely be returning soon!

  9. zac rydell says:

    i was recenty at your location and sat at the bar are servers name was phil. it took him 10 mins to get are drink order and he was like “look im busy so your gonna have to wait!” we were very upset.
    Lucky for us the other server sean was great he got are food and checked on us a lot and apologized for the actions of others. he was very tenative to are needs and made sure we had are drinks even before they were low! He gave us a reward card which we will greatly use and talked with us for a while to ensure that we were taken care of. We will go back to see sean and have him be are waiter/bartender. But if we ever get phil again we will leave and wont come back till we know someone else is working.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I’ve visited the Mooresville location several times and have always had a wonderful experience! The food is amazing…yummy wings, sliders, desserts….and the list goes on. We have always had great service there and will continue going often. Delicious!

  11. Amanda says:

    We are hooked on ECW! We LOVE it. My family eats out like 4 nights a week and we are never in agreeance on where to go.Guess what we have been there 3 times this week and heading back now! LOVE THE FINGERS!!!

  12. Jennifer Law says:

    These guys are AWESOME! We just got back from an amazing impromptu party at ECW-Mooresville and the ENTIRE crew took FABULOUS care of us! As always, the food was DELICIOUS and the service and atmosphere was top notch! We love this place and are so looking forward to our next visit! Thanks guys!!

    • East Coast Wings & Grill says:

      Thank you Jennifer! The Mooresville crew appreciates your feedback! We look forward to serving you on your next visit.

  13. Bryan says:

    In town on business from Arizona. Never heard of ECW, but thought it looked good. Sat at the bar and had wings. Staff was awesome in explaining the different flavors and heat factor. Great food, service, and experience overall. Will definitely go back.

  14. Chris Adams says:

    Mooresville Location is the only one I have been to and we have and continue to have an AMAZING experience every time we go. We are regulars and will continue to be with how well they take care of us each and every time. Even with any minor issues they take care of them with the utmost respect and professionalism as with a business like this, you have high turn-over, but they always welcome to feedback and will support the customer first. Thanks for coming to Mooresville!!!

  15. Chris Young says:

    Well i would like to start off by saying your wings are great. BUT i will never be back to any of stores ever again. I was in this store over the weekend, i was in my army uniform and i asked my server if there was a military discount. The server was not sure and said they would find out for me. When we were done with your meals the server informed me that they do not give a Military discount which i was okay with, But the Server who i will not name so they will not get in trouble told us the reason the Manager said ” no they dont get one i’m sick and tired of the Military personal thinking we owe them something for doing there jobs”. Well with that nice comment you can tell your Manager that we will never come back. Yes we are doing our job, our job to protect the United States of America. I will be sure to tell my fellow Soldiers and Military Personal of how much your Manager thinks of us….

  16. Jason Cole says:

    Chris, as the owner of the Mooresville location, I GUARANTEE that those are not the beliefs I hold…not personally OR in my restaurant. I am truly appreciative of our military and the job they do for all of us. I would love the opportunity to speak with you in person to convey my regret over your problem in our restaurant and to make it right with you. I have sent you an email that contains contact information for me and look forward to speaking with you. Thanks.

  17. Kiki says:

    Hello me and my family love ECW and we go to the Mooresville location very often. We have gotten a rewards card but it seems as of the servers no nothing about how it works. I was told that I could not just give my telephone number with out having it registered, then when I go on to the account to finally register it shows that I could have done that. By not having my card I missed out on me and my fiances birthday rewards for this year we were in for our birthdays and were not even told about the reward. Please educate servers on program because we now have to wait a year to receive birthday credit when we were members before our birthdays even came.
    We will continue to come to ECW because we love the food!!! Sesame Garlic is a great flavor my daughter loves it!!!

  18. Teresa says:

    I will start by saying, I love ECW! Before the Mooresville location opened, we often visited the Statesville location. I cannot complain about service or the quality of the food. However, we were just in last night and I always get the Mango Habanero. For some reason, the chef didnt put enough sauce on the wings and towards the bottom of the bowl, the wings were dry. I asked for a side of sauce and was charged .99 for it. Ninety nine cents certainly will not break me, however I would have liked to have been told that I was going to be charged. This will not stop me from coming back to your location again, but just thought someone needed to know. Thanks!

  19. Judi Lewis says:

    Have been to your establishment in Mooresville and have had excellent service and food each time. The young man that waited on us today, think his name was Ben, was super. Love, love, love the homemade chips…not greasy, crispy, good flavor. We switched up and had different items today, a wrap and a quesidilla(sp)and both were really good. Your establishment is a bit pricey but we will definitely be back.

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