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Restaurant News: New Menu Items

East Coast Wings + Grill is introducing three new gourmet hot dogs that will be on the menu through June 9th. http://nrn.com/food-trends/menu-tracker-new-items-chick-fil-olive-garden-pie-five-more#slide-4-field_images-160321

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Keeping it Hot without Compromising Flavor

All too often, spicing up a dish usually means toning down its flavor. This presents a unique challenge for restaurants specializing in piquant foods. More often than not, these restaurants take the easy way out and make concessions with their flavor in favor of heat intensity....

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Yahoo Finance: Restaurants In Retail Space

In an ever-changing marketplace, retail spaces are looking to update their decor and are experimenting with restaurants inside of retail spaces. These initiatives go hand-in-hand with continually anticipating what the consumer wants. Restaurants such as East Coast Wings + Grill...

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