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WFMY: National Chicken Wing Day

Frank Walsh with East Coast Wings + Grill was featured on WFMY on National Chicken Wing Day. He offered tips so that viewers could make the best wings at home and hosted a taste test of several of the many sauce options that East Coast Wings + Grill offers....

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QSR: National Chicken Wing Day

East Coast Wings + Grill is getting ready to serve up chicken wings on the Friday, July 29th for National Chicken Wing Day. Customers that purchase wings on that day will receive a coupon for 5 free wings on an upcoming visit....

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FSR: Limited Time Only Flatbread Pizzas

East Coast Wings + Grill welcomes some all new limited-time-only items in July. The new offerings include four different kinds of flatbread pizzas – the Philly Cheesesteak, Pub Kitchen, Buffalo Chicken, and Veggie Garden Flatbreads....

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Time: National Chicken Wing Day Deals

East Coast Wings and Grill is gearing up along with chicken wing lovers across the country to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day on Friday, July 29th. Customers can purchase wings on July 29 and receive a coupon for five free wings on their next visit between July 31 to Aug. 4....

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